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This was a prop used in our maternity session at Shooter Designs for our 4th son! Not only did our pictures turn out AWESOME, but we got a priceless piece of artwork that I framed and hung in our son's nursery! It was very thoughtful of Kiley to make sure we got to keep it!- Misty Williams(maternity shoot where her three boys painted with their hands on her belly, then painted this portrait for the new baby as well!)

I had Kiley take my 9 month old daughters pictures. I remember thinking "well she probably got a few good shots". A 9 month old is kinda hard to work with and she was being kinda fussy that day. Kiley just told me to go away and let her do her job! lol. I was amazed when I saw the finished product! She did such a great job that I wanted to buy everyone she took! And I almost did!! She was able to capture all my daughters little expressions that I see everyday while I watch her grow and I am so thankful that Kiley was able to document them for me! Now I have them to last a lifetime!!! Thanks so much Kiley!!! - Kim Griffin

I got Gracelynn's pictures last night and they are so beautiful! Everytime I think that you can not possibly do better than the last picture you took you go and prove me wrong! lol Thank you so much for always going above and beyond for us! You are the best!!!- Kim & Tyler Griffin

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our photo products are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you Kiley! We could not be more pleased and happy! Couldn't have asked for a better experience or person to work with! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!- Alison Pulcher

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!- Brandi Innes

Kiley - I was one of your drawing picks from Westmoreland when you first opened and had a drawing at Becky's Salon. You do amazing work. My friends, my mom, and I were so impressed with your personality and how quickly you were able to pick shots that worked for me and my personality. My shoot was a year and a half ago and my mom still has one of my pictures on her fb timeline..... You Rock! Thanks again Kiley- Jocelin Eichem

Everyone loved the pictures of Madison you took on the white background. We had a blast hanging with you and seeing all your fun ideas.- Jamie Marker

You have such a way with words, Kiley. Excellent job of it! It IS YOU! It was obvious when I was down at the outdoor location that the kids have fun and that's what they'll remember--not some stuffy posing with you placing the hands here and there. I love checking to see what's new on your pix, too. So many photographers don't get down on the ground and in other odd positions to get the visuals you do. They probably worry they'll get dirty or it doesn't look professional but that's what gets the best shots. Keep up the great work!!! Love you!- K Anderson

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